Please like this post if you’re still going to be apart of this roleplay/would like to. We’re trying to get it back from being so inactive.

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Anonymous said,

do you accept right away? or do you wait for your desired amount of apps till you accept?

Depends. If it’s characters from our second batch, we’ll wait but if it’s from first, then we’ll accept as soon as we can. The whole FC list is here.


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The following roles have been reopened, please make sure you’re not following them. 

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The following accounts have one day to post before their role will be reopened:

  • Zachary Reed
  • Valerie Edwards

Please, open your submit boxes- because we need you too!

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Due to reasons on needing to know who can be paired with who, please like this post if you can make it for the majority of the masquerade.
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  1. You must tag your para starter with: ltask3
  2. The event lasts from April 27th, 7PM EST to April 28th, 10PM EST
  3. Please describe yourself at all times with the description we give you and alias. The para starter must include your alias name and your partners. Ex: {Eagle and Fireball}
  4. Open your submit boxes the second you see this.
  5. Don’t tell anybody your description, outfit, alias name or partner name before the event.
  6. You have to para, if you cannot make it- please notify us. There’s a reason we’re posting this days before.

Dear whoever it may concern, you have been cordially invited to the Atlantic Ball of 2013.

The ball consists of nicknames, fun costumes and masks you must wear throughout the whole night. You will be set up with another person in this house that won’t look like they normally do, you won’t know who they are as they have their own alias, costume and mask. It’s a fun event that the town celebrates every year and this year we decided to let you join in.

You must be with the person you were paired with the majority of the night, but you may talk to others. Use your alias the whole night, don’t let your identity be released. If you happen to run into your lover, don’t act like yourself. Play as a mystery, which is who you are.

Have the time of your lives, we’re all watching you and we can’t wait for you to trip on your own feet you to have fun!

Sincerely, your lovely hosts.

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The following people have not completed the task of Your Songs, they will be messaged on what they must do since they did not complete it.

  • Valerie Edwards
  • Zachary Reed
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The following blogs have 1 day to post before their roles are reopened.

  • Dylan Myers
  • Emily Winters

The following character(s) have been reopened, please unfollow.

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We have a bit of a dead dash issue, please don’t make us reopen rolls. We might have to do that tonight.

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The following accounts have one day to post before they will be reopened.

  • Aiden Summers
  • Love Types Talk
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